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Collectible Dolls 
Monday, 05 May 2008

The holidays may just be over. Many countdowns have been made including the top collectible dolls for the year 2007.


Indeed, there are a lot to choose from, great innovations that truly represent how time flies. Children these days won't have trouble looking for the perfect dolls for them, but parents might be worried with the range of prices these dolls are selling at. But for the collectors, here are only some of the gems that you might already have on your shelves. If not, you may want to consider some, if not all.


Harry Potter Dolls by Tonner Dolls


The lines from this collection are a must-have for the fans of the books and movies of the Harry Potter series. Most of the main characters, even Dobby is already available. Just hurry up because stocks are limited. If you are a collector, you won't want to miss on even one.


Prices vary depending on the characters and its features. For example, a Harry Potter-Gryffindor Seeker Dresses Tonner Character Figure is selling at $159.99. While the Dobby Dressed Tonner Character Figure is at $89.99. Accessories and costumes are also available.


Holiday Barbie 2007


Barbie collectors watch out for the latest designs on their most favorite fashion icon. The Holiday Barbie 2007 is a Caucasian looking doll dressed in a very fashionable Christmas-themed gown with matching Santa Belt. This is such an irresistible choice to be added on one's collection and it retails at $39.95.


Marie Osmond Collectible Dolls


Looking at the lineup of the Marie Osmond Dolls will not make it easy for anyone to pick just one from all the collection. Her dolls are themed according to occasion. She has also introduced the Holly Hobbie dolls, which first became a hit in the 70s and are now being reintroduced in the newer generation as the great granddaughter of Holly Hobbie.


Karito Kids


Move on Brats. The Karito Kids Doll Collection are much pleasant to look at with their girly student-like appearance. Not only they are a collector's item, most kids should try them out for the purpose of enjoyment. The dolls represent different races and promote friendship for all.


Every doll comes with a book themed with whatever the doll of your choice represents. It aims to educate while providing companionship and delight to its owners. The five dolls available at the moment are from China, United States, Mexico and Kenya. And what's more, for each purchase, part of the money the buyer paid for the doll, will go to their chosen Kids Give charity. This is available for $99.99.


Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy


The movie Pirates of the Caribbean made way for this line of dolls to move up in the market. Pirates are in. That is why collectors want to get hold of a Captivating Swashbuckler Cissy doll. Just a caution, with only a limited stock of 200 pieces available, this would be a hard find and very pricey as well. It retails at $549.99.


This is only a partial list of the top collectible dolls. If you were just starting out your collection hobby, these dolls would surely be the right choices for you to invest your money on. When you already have them, make sure that you take care of each and every doll in your collection. You never know when those items would increase its value and will actually serve as a gem for you. But if that didn't happen, it still is gratifying to look at these pretty and nice to look at collector's items.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

There are a lot of dolls being introduced in the market and they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes and are made of different materials. One item that has been enjoyed by both children and adults which is considered to be a collectible item is the rag doll.


A rag doll is probably the softest one around and as long as manufacturers still produce clothing, there will be plenty of scraps around to make one.


The most famous of them all are the Raggedy Ann Dolls that first came out in 1915. It had brown hair and shoe button eyes. If you are an avid collector, you can probably buy one for a little over a thousand dollars.


Aside from Raggedy Ann, there is also the two-headed Topsy Turvy doll. What is unique about this toy is that they have one head that is white and the other that is black. This was common among black children who were forbidden to have white dolls and so whenever someone would check on them, they would reveal the black side.


Babyland Rag is another rag doll collectible. Instead of using buttons for an eye or a nose, the faces were hand painted. If you are lucky, you could probably find one with an inscription telling you when it was patented or made. Since they have been around for a hundred years, this just goes to show that they do have value.


They are very ideal to have if you are focusing on a country style theme. This can be placed in the rocking chair or the couch, which is very eye appealing.


You might come across a faceless rag doll. If you happen to see one, this is what Amish children used to play with because although they were allowed to play with them, it was forbidden to have any faces. But since this looked dull, the kids would draw the eyes, mouth and nose using a pencil and then erase them before an adult would find out.


Another company that is not as old like those mentioned which also produces stuff animals and the rag doll is Steiff. It has a wide collection and you can get one for almost the same amount or even higher than the Raggedy Ann doll.


The nice thing about rag dolls is that they are soft and it does not have parts that could be swallowed by a child. This can be washed so it will look good as new if ever it gets wet in the rain.


You can even make your own version as there are websites and books that will teach you how to do it and offer various designs to choose from so you can make one instead of buying it from a seller. If it gets damaged, it can easily be patch up so this too can be passed on to the next generation.


But if you are very interested in collectible rag dolls, the best place to look is in an antique store and online. Two important things you have to do are to examine it first before you buy it and also do some research so you will know if you can trust the retailer.


So are rag dolls pieces of rug or collectible items? Given that they do have historical value, they must be otherwise no one will really care.

Posted by: Rich Lanning AT 04:54 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, 05 May 2008

Dolls come in all shapes and sizes.  When you go into a store, you can even select one based on age and a favorite among many are the baby doll collectibles. Why hobbyists would like to collect these dolls is probably because it makes them feel like they just gave birth to their own child. In fact, there are so many to choose from so here are a few of them.


One company that excelled in this field is the Madame Alexander Doll Company. Their mothers usually bought the dolls they made so their daughters will have something to play with. Two of the most valuable are namely Kathleen Toddler that was introduced in 1959 and its market value today is from $125 to $300. The second namely Binnie that was introduced in 1964 is worth about $175 to $475.


Cabbage Patch Kids is another example of Baby Doll Collectibles. Their marketing strategy is quite different because you don't buy it but rather adopt one. You pay a small fee for that and this was very successful way back in the 1980's. Because the brand was taken over by various companies through the years and hundreds were sold throughout the world, its market value is not that high compared to the others if you try to sell it to anyone or over the web.


Lee Middleton also produces Baby Doll Collectibles. Some of their collections are My Own Baby Collection, My First Nursery Dolls and Playbabies Play Doll Collection. Most of the new ones sell from $55 to a little over $100 and because they are so life like, this is still a popular favorite among collectors. 


Another company that makes life like dolls is Tiny Miracles. They have a collection called the Ashton Drake Galleries that feature 10 inch long babies that have micro rooted strand hair, vinyl skin, wispy bay eyelashes, tiny hands and feet outfitted with its very own diaper. This is not sold in stores so if you want one, this has to be ordered straight from them that costs from $59.99 to $129.99.


These are just a few of the Baby Doll Collectibles in the market. Where can you find Baby Doll Collectibles? The best place is still online because almost everyone has a computer and they can make money here much faster than putting an ad in the paper. The sellers don't even have to create their own websites because there are auction sites around so they will just have to open an account.


When you are trying to sell Baby Doll Collectibles, it is best to put a photo, give the measurements and a brief description of the item. Mint condition ones fetch for a higher price than those have slightly damages which is why you should take care of everything. 


Other venues to find Baby Doll Collectibles are toy conventions, garage sales, antique stores and bazaars. You should just examine each item carefully before buying them so you get your money's worth when you bring it home.


If you store this properly for a few years, you can probably get a return on your investment because the market value of baby doll collectibles, which are in good condition, increases annually assuming that there is still a demand for them.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

One of the most collectibles is the Barbie doll. Through the years, not much has changed except for may be the outfits and the accessories truly making it a classic.


Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler and was introduced in a toy fair in New York City. Naturally, it was an instant success.


Just to give you an idea of what Barbie has done, she has had over 80 jobs from being a fashion model to even a president. There was even a version to promote the Olympics that was released to the market in 1975 and 2000.


There are those who say that Barbie was sometimes controversial. One example is when the company decided to make the doll join the army. She served as a medic during Operating Desert Storm in 92 that had to go through the approval of the military to make sure the uniforms were authentic. To promote the quest for space, the company even made the astronaut version with the last in 1994.


So you could say that Barbie has been through a lot for almost 50 years. So how much does collectible Barbie dolls sell for? If you happen to have one that has never been opened, there is a chance you could sell this to someone for $2,500. If you have one of the first that came out especially in 1959, you could get a check worth $10,000.


The next question once you have it is how do you take care of it? Here are some tips that you should follow to keep you collectible Barbie dolls in good condition.


First, never store this in the attic or basement. This is because although they are safe in a box, the temperatures in these places change which could ruin the doll. Also, the Barbie doll should be placed face down because if this is left on their backs, the eyes could fall off after some time.


Since most people want to show this to the world, be sure to dust them regularly. This is because if you don't do anything about it, you may be forced to wash it and lower its resale value.


Another thing you have to do is keep your collectible Barbie dolls away from other children or pets. If left out in the open, this can be bitten or mangled. In short, destroyed and you wouldn't want that to happen when you want make a profit later on.


Also, do not keep your collectible Barbie container. If you want to, go ahead but be very careful because the slightest moisture that enters the airtight plastic container may cause mildew or molds to grow. This can be prevented of course by putting a few small holes so moisture will be able to evaporate.


The most important tip is never expose your collectible Barbie doll to direct sunlight or any bright light, as this will make the color of her skin and the outfit made.


So how do you sell your Barbie collectible doll? You can attend a convention, offer this to a specialty store or offer this to the highest bidder online. Don't forget that you can make some money by also selling the accessories since Barbie had a lot to offer like her cars and pets. Just check on the market value of what you have and then look for potential buyers.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

Cute and adorable may be the best words to describe why the Cabbage Patch became collectible dolls.

The Cabbage Patch Kids are stars on their own rights with the admiration of fans and supporters, with their achievements and some gossips and intrigues they have been through, signs that only prove that this line of dolls have arrived from way back its humble beginnings.

The History

In 1978, Xavier Roberts created the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls for voodoo purposes. The dolls were originally marketed on witchcraft stores. Roberts first named the line "Little People" and produced them at an old clinic that he converted into showroom, in Cleveland, Georgia called the Babyland General Hospital.

It has become a hit, not only the dolls but even the idea of the place being the "birthing place" for the dolls, their nursery and adoption center. Babyland General Hospital became a tourist attraction during that time.

In 1982, the toy manufacturer Coleco began mass-producing the dolls. They changed its name from Little People to the Cabbage Patch Kids. This was when it started to hit it really big. Every child wants to have one. It even became a must-have toy every holiday season. The line has become so big that they even got to travel with the NASA Space Shuttle in 1985.

Adding to its popularity, in 1992, the Cabbage Patch Kids became the official mascot in the US Olympic team. And in 1999, it has become part of the 15 designs of US postal stamps commemorating the 1980s.

When Coleco declared bankruptcy, the Cabbage Patch Kids were then mass-produced by other known toy companies like Toys R Us, Mattel, Hasbro and Play Along.

Other Versions

Through time, the Cabbage Patch kids have evolved. Different versions have come up to the sheer enjoyment of the kids who want to play with such and the adults who collect the line.

Danbury Mint offers mail delivery right into your doorstep of the porcelain versions of the Cabbage Patch Kids. The prices for this type range from $54 to $125.

There is also the talking Cabbage Patch Kids. These dolls are equipped with sensors and microchips, which enables the dolls to communicate with other dolls of the same type with the limited vocabulary that they were set up with.

Although this is also a collectible piece, it is not as successful as the silent versions due to its higher price that limited people can afford. And kids, even some adults get spooked with the idea that the dolls are actually talking with one another. This may be a high-tech feat but sadly, didn't enjoy as much fame.


The Cabbage Patch Kids' stardom didn't come easily. They have gone through many controversies and hoaxes. One famous urban legend about it is that there was a time when the owners would bring the dolls to the manufacturer for repair and the dolls would actually be sentenced death certificate. It was also said that these dolls were created so that people would get used to seeing mutated babies that may be caused by the Nuclear War's aftermath.

But none of the said controversies were proven. And until now, Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls is still around. And as long as there are children who want to play with such, this type will stay in the market for quite a while.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

One thing for certain is that no matter how old you get, there will always be a child in you that wants to come out. This is probably why people collect certain things and dolls are one of them. This hobby involves buying and selling it. Aside from buying it from a wholesaler, why not wait till there is a collectible doll clearance sale.


A collectible doll clearance sale is a manufacturer's or distributor's way of getting rid of their inventory so there is space for the new ones to arrive. So, if you are interested in buying it at a low price, you should find a distributor or wholesaler.


Naturally, these people still want to make a few bucks so in order for a win-win situation here, you will have to develop your haggling skills.


This skill will also come in handy when you decide go to antique stores. You just have to examine what they have and then get what you think is saleable.


Another place worth visiting is the local Pawnshop. This is because when people desperate for money, they will trade almost anything and if you think such a place is making money, the truth is that they are operating at a loss.


That is why some pawnshops announce that they have a clearance sale so all you have to do is show up at the right time, which is your way of helping them get rid of the junk.


You can also visit a garage sale because just like the pawnshop, homeowners want to get rid old stuff and sometimes, they have no idea what is the true value of the collectible doll so that may be a loss for them but a big advantage for you.


But acquiring collectible dolls at a clearance these days is no longer that difficult. This is because ever since people realized that some of the toys they owned in past are now worth a lot of money, they have learned how to take care of it so the items that you are unable to sell this at such a high price anymore simply because it is no longer a rare.


So what happens is that a doll you bought 10 years ago which costs $20 back then will probably only be worth $25 or even less today that even if you manage to hold to it for another 20 years, it still isn't worth much.


Does this mean that collecting dolls to make a profit is no longer feasible? It really depends on what kind of doll you have. For the older ones that date back to the 50's and 60's or even earlier, it is still possible but for the newer ones, the answer is no.


Toy companies who have taken notice of this problem have initiated steps to try and change that by releasing limited edition collections to the customer. Will this help? Some are skeptic because now that people know better, these items are no longer rare commodities.


But this should not discourage you from going to places that that offer Barbie collectible dolls especially during a clearance because there is still a demand for these dolls and you just have to find a buyer that will be interested in them.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

Collectible American Girl Dolls have been sold and traded very well among hobbyists for many years. Although produced in countries like China, the concept comes from those back in the States who were inspired by one thing or another, which makes these toys worth a lot of money. Here are some of America's favorites here and abroad.


The first is the Cabbage Patch Kids that entered the market in the late 80's. What makes this doll so unique is the fact the people do not buy them but rather adopt them. Just to prove how popular it was, there was a time that almost every woman brought this around wherever they went while going shopping or just having lunch.


Precious Moments, which opened a few years earlier, is also different because these Collectible American Girl Dolls were made of ceramic material. You can't play with it but they served as ideal gifts to friends and family because of the teardrop eye design in each figurine.


Madame Alexander dolls are another favorite. This is just one of many Collectible American Girl Dolls that your child can play with especially with the various interchangeable costumes available so you can dress it up like someone from the king's court or a famous Hollywood celebrity.


Lee Middleton dolls are the most realistic Collectible American Girl Dolls because they appear so life like. From a distance, you could think that it is the real thing, which is why some have gone to great extents to save it from a fiery building or catch it before this falls into the ground. The company releases new dolls every month in various eye colors, skin tones, hair colors and sizes that continues to this day.


American Girl dolls are a popular among children and adults alike because the collection is from different time periods and places in American history making it very ethnically diverse. You can choose the doll based on the story of the character or you make this up on your own.   


One of the biggest toy companies in the US remains to be Hasbro. They make board games and action figures alike so if you want a blast from the past, you can choose from Charlie's Angels Dolls, Jem Dolls and Little Miss No Name that were some of their best sellers back in the 60's and 80's.


The newest contender in the doll markets that is the Bratz dolls. The company is quite new but given their record sales performance during the Christmas of 2003, this is something that collectors should look out for in the future.


Lastly, the best selling doll for almost 50 years and is considered to be the symbol of Collectible American Girl Dolls is Barbie. Although the later models do not sell as much as the earlier ones, there are still people who will do anything to buy one in 1959 when this was first released. This was again reproduced in 1994 to mark its 35th year anniversary and with its 50th birthday next year, which knows what this company will do to commemorate this special day.


You can look for Collectible American Girl Dolls almost everywhere these days but the best venue to find antique or unique items is the Internet. Keep in mind that you may have to participate in an auction in order to get it.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

Who knew that almost 50 years onwards that people would still look for collectible Barbie dolls? Chances are nobody but as history has shown, there are people who are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to have this in their collection.


In the Beginning, Barbie was just a fashion model. She had her own life and a body that many said is unrealistic to achieve which is in fact, true.


She worked a variety of jobs that people could relate and a few examples are a teacher, an artist, a nurse, a medic and a cheerleader. Accessories such as cars, houses and clothes were made and she was soon paired with her boyfriend then husband namely Ken with 6 kids. The Barbie series was such a big hit that no other toy ever came to close to it.


But in the 1970's, Mattel changed its approach. If you were to compare the Barbie dolls made until the year 1967, you will notice a big difference and that dolls were not made of anymore of high quality.


Why? For the simple reason that they were made of plastic and the clothes she had were not that different anymore. Some say that Mattel focused more on making a profit instead of continuing what they started.


It wasn't until the mid 80's that they began to refocus and designed a new Barbie doll called Porcelain Rhapsody in Blue Barbie. This was soon followed afterwards with Happy Holiday Barbie two years later. To mark Mattel's 35th year anniversary, they reproduced again the original Barbie doll that came out in 1959. Given that were only a handful made, it was very difficult to find one and its market value today is a little over $600.


Given that Barbie could fetch for hundreds of dollars, a lot of consumers bought off the shelves everything they could find and people were making a lot of money. In order to calm things down, the company increased the production and things began to normalize.


As a result, only a handful of Barbie collectible dolls and accessories are worth a lot of money. What was worth $10,000 like the 1959 Barbie doll isn't worth that much but people are still willing to spend money in order to add this to their collection.


Now that you have your Barbie collectible doll, how do you take care of it? Collectors are advised to leave it inside the original packaging and placed face down if this will not be displayed. If this is going to be place on a shelf, this should be dusted regularly.


If you are able to dust regularly, you can put your Barbie collectible doll in a plastic container. Just put some holes so moisture will not accumulate and instead evaporate. Also, do not expose this to direct sunlight as may affect the color of her clothing and skin.


For those hoping to find Barbie collectible dolls, the best place to find them is in a convention, specialty store, garage sales, pawnshops and online. You just have to search high and low but most importantly exercise patience because good things come to those who wait.


Barbie's 50th birthday is coming next year. What does the company plan for her? We will just have to see. Who knows, this could be another Barbie collectible doll worth selling to the highest bidder 20 or 30 years from now.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

If you want to know what are the newest dolls available from a toy company, the best thing for you to do is check out the collectible doll catalog. You can see most of these online or even brochures, which are sometimes given out to customers in the store.


But what prompts manufacturers to introduce these changes? Well, this is usually based from the input of dealers and the feedback of customers and collectors. This gives management the opportunity to listen to what the people want and not just what they think is saleable.


After all, how one product sells depends on customer satisfaction and if this not achieved, then this means that the company will not be able to make a profit.


One way of attracting more people to buy the collectible doll is by changing the packaging. Although it is just a cardboard box, how it is presented is sometimes the deciding factor when the person is choosing between two different dolls.


Another option is to change the logo. Let's say the company has been around for many years. In order to boost sales, they have to come up with something unique like a limited edition series. This can be released annually that will be added revenue as there will still be the regular items that people can buy.


But what if you do not want to designate one doll as a collector's or limited edition? For that, some companies are using a color-coded system. This is good especially for the collectors so they know how valuable is one doll compared to another.


Take for example Barbie, which has implemented this color-coded system into 4 groups namely pink, gold, silver and platinum.


The Pink doll comprises of their Dolls of the World, the Princess Collection and "I Love Lucy." A significant number of these will be produced so there is plenty for it to go around.


The Silver on the other hand includes the Birthday Wishes line. The reason why it is silver is because the packaging is silver trimmed. Unlike the first one mentioned, not more than 50,000 of these units will be produced so if you count how many people there are in the world, this could fetch a certain amount of money to a collector.  


The Gold line will carry the Fashion Model Collection and the Model of the Moment. Collectors will still be able to find it given that the company plans to produce 25,000 of these and make this available worldwide. Because of the small number, this will only be available in higher end stores.


Lastly is Platinum and this will be a bit challenging to find because the company will only make a thousand of these for the public. This will cost a bit more than the others but you can just imagine how much people will be paying for it when you auction this off or put it up for sale.


The color-coded system implemented by Mattel has been done for the past 2 years. If you are not a collector and just flip through the pages of the collectible doll catalog or see it online, it wouldn't matter to you. But for those who think they can make a profit, such a distinction is important. After all, toys such as these and others like it also follow the law of supply and demand.

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Monday, 05 May 2008

Collectible doll figurines are an interesting hobby. This is because it can add personality to your home, which many would think, that is impossible.


A collectible doll figurine is much different than an action figure because it is made of different materials aside from plastic. They can't move or anything and is placed in part of the room which serves as a focal point.


Some of the more popular collectible doll figurines to get are animals, mythical figures, themed, holiday and those that have religious importance. In fact, most collectors stick to just one type.  


One brand that is sought after by many collectors is Royal Doulton Figurines. This company started business way back in the 1800's and the price of their items range from less than a hundred dollars to those over two thousand dollars.


Another famous manufacturer of collectible doll figurines is Precious Moments. Most of the figures made here are based on the illustrations of Sam Butcher. When you go into a store, you can hardly miss it because they are always children with tear drop shaped eyes that have heartfelt and inspirational messages.


So how do you start this collectible doll figurine hobby? Well, you can buy your very first by looking for it online and then finding others by looking for a wholesale supplier. Once you have a lot, you can already show it off for display and pass it off to the next generation.


But if you have plenty in stock and want to buy others, you should use various mediums to auction, swap or sell these off to potential buyers. A few other places where you can find collectible doll figurines are at an antique store, garage sale and flea market. You just have to look carefully so you do not miss out on the opportunity to add something you new to your collection.


If you want to learn more about collectible doll figurines, there are books and related information on the web the can help. You should also visit a specialty store; ask family and friends who are into this hobby to share with you a few tips so you know what you are getting yourself into.


These resources will teach you how to negotiate with sellers and the current price of collectible doll figurines that you plan to buy or sell so that you won't feel short changed or fooled.


When shopping for collectible doll figurines, be careful so you only buy genuine items. There are a lot of copycat manufacturers around so see if it has a signature label and if you are still in doubt, ask someone for assistance.


You should also inspect it for cracks or any other damage so you don't waste your time running back to the store and getting a replacement.


The nice thing about collectible doll figurines is that you don't have to keep it inside a box when this is placed on display. It may not look like much when you just have two or three pieces but as that collection grows you will enjoy looking at them more because each piece is a work of art.


In fact, collectible doll figurines are also ideal gifts to give especially if it personifies the recipient. Who knows, it's possible that the first one you gave may also get them into this very popular hobby.

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